Expert Ink

Ink formulators employ Honeywell additives to improve performance, simplify manufacturing and lower costs.

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Plastics Propelled

PVC manufacturers insist on our additives to reduce plate-out and torque and improve processing speeds.

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Polish Perfected

Honeywell additives help improve gloss, slip, and mar and abrasion resistance for products like floor polish.

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Rapid Rubber

Rubber formulators depend on Honeywell for increased pigment loading and uniform pigment dispersion.

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Ultimate Adhesion

Adhesives and sealants formulators depend on Honeywell to improve adhesion to a variety of substrates.

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    Honeywell Performance Additives

    Honeywell performance additives help you get more performance, cost savings, and manufacturing efficiency out of your formulation. One of the world’s most extensive lines of polyethylene waxes, Honeywell additives provide functionality to a wide array of formulations.


    Download our product brochures to learn more about how Honeywell performance additives can add functionality to your formulation.
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    Our technical support specialists are experts in the molecular, physical and application-based properties of our additives. They are available to answer your questions.
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